VIRAL (2021)

VIRAL is a short fiction film directed by Shriejan Paudel in co-production with NTR.
Nina (26) and her friends go viral with a videoclip and are getting ready for their big TV-debut.
When it turns out they have been brought to the show under false pretenses, Nina has to make a choice:
go for her career or use this unique opportunity to make a statement as an underrepresented black filmmaker?
This film premiered at the Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival where composer Manel Fornells won a special mention for his work on the film.
To watch the film, go to
Director: Shriejan Paudel
Writer: Ashanti Vreden
Producers: Siemen Versloot
       Idris Bakker & Thomas Spiekhout

Cinematography: Yavuz Selim Isler
Production Design: Kino Haverkorn & Annelot de Boer
Costume: Anouk Boef
Editor: Jordy Pijper
Sound Design: Bas Gijzen
Sound Mixing: Coen Bruins
Composer: Manel Fornells
VFX Supervisor: Franca Wisselink
Title Design: ShoSho
Post facility: Filmmore