SWANENBURG (2021) / assistant editor

Swanenburg is a 20-episode Dutch drama series directed by Thomas Korthals Altes, Hans Somers and Aniëlle Webster. 
Swanenburg tells the story of the wealthy family Praal. The family has barely had any setbacks in life.
As usual in every family they have their ups and downs, but that’s never in the way of their love and loyalty towards each other.
Until it turns out a dangerous game is begin played. How far are you willing to go for family when it turns out your family betrays you?
Directors: Thomas Korthals Altes, Hans Somers, Aniëlle Webster
Writers: Simone van den Ende and Dorien Goertzen
Producers: Stepping Stone, Key Film and KRO-NCRV
Cinematography: Lex Brand and Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp
Editors: Bas Icke, Jasper Quispel, Elsbeth Kasteel and Tim Wijbenga.
Sound Design: Peter Flamman and Wart Wamsteker
Composer: Stavros Markonis


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