PARA (2020)

PARA is a short fiction film directed by Shriejan Paudel.
Together with his best friend, Hamlet is in the drug deal circuit to pay the medications for his mentally ill father.
The business is going strong until one evening ends in a huge disaster when Hamlet is partying with a couple of girls.
This film is a Netherlands Film Academy production, therefore it is not allowed to share the film publicly online.
If you wish to see the film, feel free to contact me!

Director: Shriejan Paudel
Writer: Ashanti Vreden
Producers: Dagmar Nietsch, Thomas Spiekhout & Pauline Koeman
Cinematography: Yavuz Selim Ișler
Production Design: Danithia van Weenum & Stella Rammeloo
Editor: Jordy Pijper
Sound Design: Bas Gijzen
Composer: Manel Fornells Hibon