De dochter van de dominee is a short documentary directed by Christine Boersma in co-production with EOdocs.
For a few years, filmmaker and preacher’s daughter Christine Boersma has
had strong doubts about the religion her parents raised her with.
She has grown aware of the religious bubble she has been living in for years.
In this ego documentary Christine confesses these doubts to them.
This film premiered at the Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival where it won the 2021 VPRO Documentary price.
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Director: Christine Boersma
Producers: Idris Bakker & Dagmar Nietsch
Cinematography: Jan Koks
Editor: Jordy Pijper
Sound Recording: Coen Bruins
Sound Design: Ruben Dirkzwager
Sound Mixing: Annika Epker
Composer: Max Abel
VFX Supervisor: Victor Frerichs & Michael van Dalen
Colorist: Qianwei Tong
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